Saturday, May 7, 2011

Oh how things have changed...

Im currently in bed listening to my babies snore. The window is open and the cool breeze is flowing in, it feels amazing. Pandora is on Billy Currington radio and honestly I feel great. There was a time in my life I couldnt imagine sitting here, as a single mother again and truly being happy. Are there things I would change about my current situation? Hell yes! But not the things most would think of when hearing about me or my life.

I have had a so much shit thrown at me by people who have claimed to love me, and ya know maybe they did. Maybe they didnt know how to TRULY love, or how to truly show it...or how to LOVE ENOUGH that they couldnt do the right thing and end things properly. I dont know, but I have walked away from both with amazing children and that is all that matters now. I do thank them though, they have shown me what to look for...the signs. They have helped me grow into a mighty strong woman and a fiery one at that. They helped me to see that I DO deserve EVERYTHING in life that I truly desire and they helped me to see that NO MAN is worth putting your life and goals on hold for. For that I am thankful.

I get a kick out of all the questions I get about single life at my age...I am 33 years old and single. Yes. I am not dead... nothing needs to be "dusted off" lol thanks for the offers though. ;) I have come to the conclusion that the Gym is my new boyfriend. I go in work up a damn good sweat & walk funny afterwards...and I dont have to fake anything. No bullshit and I definitely dont have to make anyone a sammich when Im done. It works out nicely. Have no fear my lovies, I have not switched teams...I still LOVE men. I am just using my new eyes and way of thinking in my selection process. I will have fun enjoying single life as long as it takes for me to find the right one.

Oh yes lovies, things have changed...but most definitely for the better. I will not let a man break me. I am more than just his wife or ex wife...I am more than just their mother...he does not make me who I am, he is just a piece of who I was.


  1. Nay...... you are truly a beautiful human being on this planet earth of ours. You make me cry and laugh all in one. Thanks my (i won't say old) back-on-the-day Bestie. Your Honesty does opens peoples eyes. Love just the way you are Nay..... I'll keep reading. Live you to pieces......

  2. angie I didnt know you posted this...thank you! You made me smile. You made my night. I cant believe how many years its been my dear...I love you girl! Thank you <3