A little more about me...

Well my name is Naomi, but those who know me well call me Nay :)

I'm 35 years old and I have 4 kids...ages 18, 16, 11, and 7 boy girl boy girl (I'm a good baby maker) ;)

I have been married twice and divorced twice. I am no expert here, but I can definitely tell you what NOT to do in a marriage. :P

I am very happily involved with a pretty amazing man and I can totally see OUR future together. (and YES he see's it too!)

I'm very passionate about a lot of things, but you'll often hear me talking about Food, Music, CupCakes, Coffee, Travis, "The Kids", Sports, and being in my chonies (my undies)

"Pretty Amazing Man" is also known as Travis, and has the most amazing eyes I've ever seen *swoons* lol I'm such a school girl when it comes to him & his eyes.

He is the same age as I am, and has 3 kids... All boys ages 14, 11, and 5 :) (he likes to make boys)

Now if you have been paying attention, that is 7 kids between the two of us... I can only imagine what you're thinking. Lord knows I've repeated this info to myself several times since we started dating. But we decided that wasn't going to keep us from enjoying some time together. We met back in October through a dating site, after a few days of talking and texting we had our first date...we've been together ever since.

We have a lot of the same opinions on things that matter most to us. We share the same interests, and we are both open to experiencing new things with each other. We are open to learning new things from each other and enjoy "running away" when we have alone time :) You will mostly find us in Tahoe, it's where we went on our first date. We love it out there, we don't go to play we actually spend most of our time by the water. We are planning a trip up there soon, we have an Emerald Bay Cruise waiting for us, and I am SO looking forward to it!!

More often than not you will find us with our kids though, and it's a real good thing to us. As much as we enjoy our alone time we love the time we spend with the kids especially when its something that involves all of them. We took turns meeting each others kids, before we introduced them to each other and so far everything has worked out perfectly. The kids all get a long great and we've yest to have a single hiccup. Don't get me wrong I know its not always going to be puppies and rainbows :) but I think the way that Travis and I do things...no matter what happens or gets dropped in our laps we will get through it all just fine. We seem to have a Ying Yang affect on each other which is just what we need to even other out.

We have a lot of ideas and hopes for our future as a family. We both came into this relationship with a clear idea of what we wanted for ourselves, our children, and each other as a couple. That coupled with Honesty & Respect (something we didn't have before) is definitely the foundation for something good. Not sure of whats to come exactly, or in what order our plans will take place...but I do hope to keep our plans in sight no matter what. The only way to go now is FORWARD. I take a lot of comfort in knowing that I am going forward with a great man by my side.


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