Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Girl on a mission

and my mission is? Well shit, I'm not sure...well not totally. I do know this though, I want to make a difference. I need to make a difference in my life, and I want to make a difference in the lives of all my loved ones. After my sisters passing in December I knew changes had to be made.

Sometimes I get this feeling inside me of wanting to blurt out all my hopes and plans for the future...thinking that if I share them with the world some how magically everything will just fall into place. Then I think, and I realize I don't really want to share my ideas...out of fear of them not working out. But maybe it's O K to share some? Yeah that will work.

So...in a few weeks I'm officially a student again. I've decided it was time for me to finally go back and take up something I love. With recent events in my life trying to get healthy is important. Being healthy and raising a healthy family is my goal. Getting my kids to try new meals and enjoy veggies like their father and I do. Eliminate fast food (ok well as much as possible) and exercise often and having fun with it. I will be taking Nutrition, Health & Wellness, and classes in Culinary Arts Management. My ultimate goal? To own and run my own "Nay's Kitchen" name pending of course :)

Recently my children and I have been taking part in local walk a thons and have had a blast doing so. I've started a list of upcoming walk and runs that I want to be apart of as well as ones that have past so I am ready for next year. I even e-mailed a lady for a walk this coming weekend, registration is closed but I'd really love to volunteer at the event. Its to raise money for WEAVE (Women Escaping a Violent Environment) how could you not want to help a cause like that? Its something I know about first hand and something that I think I could really get involved in.

I also learned tonight that October 2nd is National MRSA Awarness day, and I am on a mission to raise awareness for the disease that helped take my sister away from me. I'm not exactly sure how...but I will. I wont let my sisters pain and struggles be in vain. I refuse to let everything she went through be for nothing. Baby steps. I'll get to where I'm going. I know I will...I'm on a mission.


  1. Yes, please do share lol.

    I would love to go back to school..Crazy as that sounds and reminding myself that it took me 7 years to finish the first time.I had to take Intro to Nutrition & Sports Nutrition and didn't think about it too much then.I didn't do great in them either.Now I wish I had. My minor was Health and I got A's in all those classes.

    Whenever Nay's Kitchen is ready, let me know. I'll be on my way. I have yet to do any walks but I should. I've been trying to get back at the gym everday and walk..I've upped it to an hour thanks to listening to music on youtube.

  2. Toni I think youre such a smart girl...I think you & I could do well together. :) Maybe we can collaborate on some HEALTHY pancit palabok & kassava recipes lmao Ive always wanted to make those dishes but always felt so guilty when I saw all the unhealthy stuff my mother in law put in them lol

    Good for you on getting back into the gym. Every little bit helps! You should join dailymile.com :) I love logging my miles...seeing them add up makes me wanna keep going, maybe itll help you too? <3