Monday, April 30, 2012

Starting to see things in color...

"That's the story of my life, right there in black and white...a pictures worth a thousand words, but you can't see what those shades of grey keep covered, you should've seen it in color..."

The story of my life, feels as though it's always being re-written. New chapters before the previous one has finished. New characters as the hours pass, hell completely unsure if there will even be an ending. The constant though is the love I have for my babies & my family and the amazement I have for the lows that some can sink to. I always think there is NO WAY...and holy shit, there it did! I guess that's what makes it "life" But I'll tell you what, the first something that will never change. That's something that is never ending...those are the parts of the story I'll always go back to re-read and attempt to relive. Yes my imagination is that good. I can hear the laughter, smell the things around me, see it all as if it was on a big screen playing to those music in my head.

Saying that my emotions are on over drive would be a true understatement at this point. More like completely out of control, I'd like to pat myself on the back I have found it within myself to handle things in a new way. Although others would like to give themselves credit for it all, credit actually goes to the smallest piece of me others hardly know about. I almost want to apologize for my feelings but that's just it...I shouldn't have to. I won't.

I keep thinking back on the last year or so, the emotional times that literally took the breath out of me and the people I've lost because of the spiteful, disrespectful, ugliness that could not be contained. I can't help but shake my head...feel sick to my stomach and tear up. Leaving my heart wide open thinking I'll get back what I put out only to see it's not true for everyone I come in contact with. I didn't lose faith in everyone, I do know that there are good people around me with true hearts and I can't express enough how thankful I am for that. Feeling completely drained and completely alive...did you know it was possible to feel them both at the same time? I didn't either, til today. I gotta admit it's nice but makes me so dizzy. Kind of the morning after a great night with friends :)

Over the last couple of weeks I've been doing a lot of soul searching. I've been avoiding a lot of "good times" and thinking hard on whats to come. I know what's ahead of me isn't exactly clear but it's ok. I proceed down the path I've chosen knowing who I can trust and who will support me along the way. There may be unexpected turns and road blocks but with their love and support I'll get through it with very few scrapes and bruises (hopefully) :) It's funny how it all came about...honestly I'm not sure that the two people who messaged me even know the amount of courage they gave me with their words. I hope they don't mind my sharing.


at the end of a message, that I still have saved :) She is in fact a strong woman herself...very proud mama of 2 beautiful babies. It may not be much to some but to me it was probably the best thing I could have heard.

"Wow, to be able to tell that story in that manner. I'm sure having
gone through so much that you are in fact fearless." from a perfect stranger who read something that I wrote.

Honestly I figured that those I shared with would provide their 2 cents...but a stranger? and something like this? That was awesome...I have his messaged saved too. Small reminders, if others can see this in me...I have to remember that its there and lives in me...and giving in to the ugliness is NO LONGER AN OPTION! It doesn't matter who it's coming from, how many years are invested, or the links that tie us together. It is not an option.

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