Sunday, August 14, 2011

Good to be me...

For the first time, in a long time I feel good. I feel like things are ok and in line as they should be. Of course I could be feeling a "high" off the aroma from the bread I pulled from the oven. Yes its that damn good.

Im surrounded by people I love and love me too. Its a good feeling. I have officially decided to give up on certain things I had my eye on. Not entirely, just refuse to put further energies into those things/people. If and when those things happen it will be because they were meant to be. Leave it in the hands of higher powers.

Finally back in the gym, I think that has something to do with it. Ive yet to get my routine back but being back in there has made me feel better. Now if only I could drop the 12lbs I gained back id be a happy steps. Need to get my ass in gear before I know it...May will be here and the Divas half will be at my door...sweet jesus im not ready, but I will be.

Tomorrow is the start of another school year for my babies. I am looking forward to their little brains being filled with new info and all the handmade projects, but the driving is gonna blow. I hope I can manage these next few weeks without a melt down. New schedules are in order...until I can muster the energy ill go with the flow...but im thinking on it...thats a start isnt it?

"damn it feels good to be me...fresh pair of kicks and my old blue jeans...ill be alright rollin these streets all summer long..."
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